03 Feb '18, 11pm

Domain Contest: Online Coding Course Provider

Coding for beginners to quickly get up to speed with programming languages. want to emphasize speed and momentum. Domain Name: Only available .COM domains can be posted Keyword suggestions: coding / programming Examples: codingkickstart, codingjumpstart Words to Avoid: mastery, academy, training, online, school, center Show More Names Earn rewards for creative name ideas Become a NameStation contributor and earn cash rewards for creative name ideas. Good English language skills required. Simply browse our Public Contests and start posting name ideas. Get Started Get name suggestions from our community Receive 150+ hand-picked names in a few days Guaranteed domain availability No awards needed Start a Name Contest

Full article: https://www.namestation.com/contest/82352171827512


Domain Contest: Global Technology Company

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High tech global technology company specializing in Managed IT, internet services, web hosting, voip, etc. The domain name...

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An e-commerce company that will sell healthy and non-processed dog food through a monthly subscription. Our goal is to mak...

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We believe that everyone has the right to have their voice & story heard. We're an online platform that connects businesse...

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Hello friends, I am looking to start an online baby shop that will eventually become a known brand so I have decided to co...

Domain Contest: Monarch

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I need a business name with monarch in it to depict a changing body, mind, attitude for a body image business. Chrysalis t...

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Something that had to do with home and home products like something to connect all the areas around the house from the liv...

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Start-up company dealing with hemp, CBD (cannabidiol) products. Looking for a Brand Name (1 or 2 words) should be catchy, ...

Domain Contest: Stash + Website Dev Startup

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Last name is very long so I go by Stash as a nickname. Looking to combine this into a domain name. I am starting a freelan...