10 Feb '18, 9pm

Domain Contest: Monarch

I need a business name with monarch in it to depict a changing body, mind, attitude for a body image business. Chrysalis type change.

Full article: https://www.namestation.com/contest/31552564200625


Domain Contest: Plant Based Business

namestation.com 11 Feb '18, 5am

Plant based Vlog/ Clothing Line that will to raise awareness on the benefits of plant based lifestyles such as herbs, food...

Domain Contest: Online Baby Store Name

namestation.com 11 Feb '18, 10pm

Hello friends, I am looking to start an online baby shop that will eventually become a known brand so I have decided to co...

Domain Contest: Korean Fashion Brand

namestation.com 11 Feb '18, 7pm

Hello, we are setting up a new business as authorized retailer for several Korean fashion brands. We are looking for a bus...

Domain Contest: Dawson Senior Shuttle Services

namestation.com 09 Feb '18, 1pm

This is to be a transportation service for senior citizens in Virginia and North Carolina. It will take them to the superm...

Domain Contest: Brand Name for Cbd Products

namestation.com 08 Feb '18, 10pm

Start-up company dealing with hemp, CBD (cannabidiol) products. Looking for a Brand Name (1 or 2 words) should be catchy, ...

Domain Contest: Coobatch

namestation.com 16 Feb '18, 11pm

Im selling generally cookies in different flavors, i might also sell coffee so we are basically a home business now and wi...

Domain Contest: Hemp Extraction Company Name

namestation.com 18 Feb '18, 12am

Hello - we are Blue Forest Farms - (see blueforestfarms.com) We are creating a hemp extraction company and are looking for...

Domain Contest: Financial Planning Firm

namestation.com 17 Feb '18, 4pm

Hello! The name should convey one or more of the following: safety, security, protection, inspiration, excellence, quality...

Why getting a domain name is a #startup essential

godaddy.com 10 Feb '18, 8am

Twitter Facebook 0 LinkedIn 0 Google 0 Pinterest 0 When you’re starting your new business, it seems like advice is coming ...

Domain Contest: Stash + Website Dev Startup

namestation.com 07 Feb '18, 5pm

Last name is very long so I go by Stash as a nickname. Looking to combine this into a domain name. I am starting a freelan...

Domain Contest: Mens Accessorie Business Name

namestation.com 15 Feb '18, 8pm

I am trying to come up with a name for a business that I am looking to start. The business will focus on men's accessories...