28 Feb '18, 5pm

#cPHulk in #cPanel 70 : Block #domain trolls, hackers and pests by country

In previous versions of cPanel & WHM, server administrators could only manage their blacklists or whitelists by IP address. As of v70, hosts can block login attempts by country or provide easier access to selected regions of their choosing. This update gives hosts greater versatility in how they protect user data. For example, if a server administrator who only does business in North America is alerted to suspicious traffic from Iceland, that host can now block all login attempts coming in from that country. Subsequently, a host can still whitelist individual IPs from that list of IPs or remove the country from the blacklist entirely.

Full article: https://domaingang.com/domain-news/cphulk-in-cpanel-70-bl...


Microsoft Word Used by Hackers

Microsoft Word Used by Hackers

cryptics.tech 27 Feb '18, 12pm

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