19 Jul '11, 4am

OnlineDegree.com sells for $120,000

OnlineDegree.com domain name was sold for $120,000 .The sale was brokered by Sedo . The domain name was acquired by Terran Marketing,owned by Michael Jackness. According to Michael Jackness, online degree "gets a meager 14,800 exact global searches each month, but is accompanied by 1,220,000 broad searches. So, there are an insane amount of long-tail searches to capture out there. Things like "Online Degree Programs" and "University Online Degree" should be fairly easy to rank for." Michael Jackness went on and said that we should see the sale pop up on Domain Name Journal's website in the top 15 next week .

Full article: http://www.domainnews.com/en/onlinedegreecom-sells-for-12...


OnlineDegree.com Sold For $120,000

thedomains.com 18 Jul '11, 11am

According to a blog post by Michael Jackness, his company Terran Marketingjust closed on the purchase of the domain name O...