22 Jul '11, 9pm

Aerospace.com sells on NameJet today for $160,200!...

The Aerospace.com auction ended a few moments ago. 352 bidders were involved and after 431 bids, the final price ended up being $160,200. The domain had a low 6 fig reserve (as lots of people have noticed, “NameJet Reserve” is not a regular NJ user, it’s basically their way of temporarily making auctions with reserves possible). This domain did not expire, it’s being auctioned by the same NameJet user who sold Warez.com and GoCarts.com earlier this month. He is also auctioning Copy.com, Rex.com, Trumpet.com, AloeVera.com and a bunch of other domains via NameJet.

Full article: http://domainingtips.com/aerospace-com-namejet.html


Aerospace.com Sells For $160,000 On Namejet.com

thedomains.com 23 Jul '11, 4pm

The auction for the domain name Aeropace.com which we wrote about the other day closed today with a winning bid of $160,20...