17 Oct '13, 4pm

[POST]Interview with Narinder Dhiensa from Cruise.me- an on-line cruise booking service like no other!

This Thursday, we’re bringing you an interview with Narinder Dhiensa, co-founder of Cruise.me . This man is at home with localization projects of web startups in Europe and Asia, as his heritage is an even mix of Britain and India. His parents emigrated from Punjab, India, to Derby, United Kingdom where he learned that ”our positive beliefs coupled with our actions largely determine our results”. He uses this philosophy in everything he does, and what he is doing now is on-line cruise booking, in style.

Full article: http://domain.me/cruise-me-interview/


  1. 01 Feb '18, 4pm

    Unfortunately this is a HUGE SCAM. i paid them 3000 quid for a cruise and they sent me an email saying that the payment didnt go through and I had to pay 3000 more. I told them that the money had already been sent from my bank account so they told me to pay 3000 more as seats were getting booked and this was the lowest price and that the money would be returned. 2 YEARS LATER NO MONEY WAS RETURNED. HUGE SCAM. This guy narinder dhiensa personally offered to return my money but he is a huge SCAMMER. STAY AWAY. Cheats

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