28 Dec '13, 9pm

Domain Contest: Athlete management agency. Sport agents.

specifically for cycling audience. professional cyclist are my clients. i represent them and find them contracts and personal sponsors and deals. needs to be short sweet to the point. some thing that people will know direct what it is . but not to long to type out and make mistakes later

Full article: http://www.namestation.com/contest/34442836802160


Domain Contest: Naming IT(Software) company

namestation.com 28 Dec '13, 11am

We are an IT company providing Web and Mobile application development services primarily in Education/Learning domain. We ...

Domain Contest: Defense Technology Services

namestation.com 29 Dec '13, 3am

employee focused company providing direct support to the government, primarily Army hiring engineers, scientists and IT pr...

Domain Contest: Business in Asia website

namestation.com 30 Dec '13, 9am

This is a site for location independent travellers (also known as digital nomads) who are living and working in Asia. Thes...

Fubarino Contest: Hackaday On An RC Heli

Fubarino Contest: Hackaday On An RC Heli

hackaday.com 29 Dec '13, 3pm

[SF Tester] (his real name, honestly, with a brother who does QA for Blizzard) recently picked up a Blade SR remote contro...