17 Feb '14, 2pm

Diagnose.Me - Getting a Second Opinion Online

So what does Diagnose.me do, exactly? In short, it helps you to get a second medical opinion. It is an internet-based platform for connecting patients with medical specialists from around the world. Its task is to educate people on the importance of getting second opinion. It can correct or confirm your diagnosis and help your physician to decide how to proceed with a treatment. I know that there are still skeptics out there, because, “how can internet replace calling on a doctor?”. Well, you are alsotalking with real doctors here.

Full article: http://domain.me/diagnose-me/


so i am getting these for my birthday tomorrow

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Getting Hyper-focused

Getting Hyper-focused

whizzbangsblog.com 16 Feb '14, 12pm

I get approached all the time to invest in different business opportunities, be on boards or get involved with one company...

@t_phuck I'm getting this book of my idol hehe.next month $70 neh

@t_phuck I'm getting this book of my idol hehe....

popular.com.sg 19 Feb '14, 10am

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#disco ball getting ready for the Vima annual ball

vimadance.com 21 Feb '14, 3pm

Vima is the Greek word for "step." Step into Vima and take your first "vima" on the dance floor. Visit us for an introduct...

Seattle and Austin are getting Bitcoin ATMs:

fastcompany.com 18 Feb '14, 8pm

Updated: Ahead of the roll out of Robocoin's Bitcoin ATMs in Austin and Seattle later this month, Portuguese company Lamas...