20 Feb '15, 11am

Trwa aukcja domeny polisy.pl w serwisie AfterMarket.pl.

Purchases on our marketplace are easy, quick and secure. If you found an interesting domain on auctions, please register on our website providing accurate and current data, because after winning the auction with these data will be registered domain. As a registered user locate a domain name that interests you and make your bid in the auction. To become a owner of the domain you have to win the auction. New users, to take part in the auction, must verify their phone number by clicking here . In an auction you can enter the maximum amount right away, then our system will raise your bid every time another user submits a bid, up to your price. Domain auctions may not end at specified time. Any submission of the offer in the last 5 minutes before the end of the auction extends the auction by a further 5 minutes. The amount you bid, is the final amount to be paid - commissions o...

Full article: http://www.aftermarket.pl/bid.php?id=2004605