07 Apr '15, 4pm

#NAF panelist mentions ‘litany of cases’ in latest Yoyo Email #UDRP #domains #trademarks #brands #domainers #icann

Amazon trademark involved in latest domain UDRP against Yoyo Email Ltd. Yoyo Email Ltd: Six UDRP cases in 2 months for the same Respondent! Michelin.Email is the latest domain lost in ‘Yoyo Email’ UDRP WIPO panelist scolds Yoyo Email Ltd: Cannot build a business on the back of another’s rights! Yoyo Email Ltd loses UDRP over Maplin.email domain MySQL trademark prevails in yet another Yoyo Email Ltd. UDRP

Full article: http://domaingang.com/domain-law/naf-panelist-mentions-li...


Bring out the Pinata: UDRP fails

domainnamewire.com 13 Apr '15, 4pm

This is yet another case in which a complainant offers no proof whatsoever of several allegations essential to its case. A...