24 Apr '11, 2pm

أدوات رائعة لتوليد أفكار لأسماء النطاقات

Here you will find experimental projects that we are currently working on. These projects are not quite ready for mainstream use and are currently in development so your mileage may vary. However, please feel free to explore them and send us your feedback. QR CODE GENERATOR & URL SHORTENER W/ ANALYTICS Generate QR codes, shorten your URL using Google's URL shortening service, and see analytics for your shortened URL. LOCATION BASED DOMAIN SEARCH Generate domain names based on places surrounding a given location. WORDNIK SEARCH Search for and register domain names based on the following Wordnik data: Bi-gram Phrases Related Words TWITTER TRENDS Use the Twitter API to pull various types and levels of trending topics. You can click on each trend to search for related domain names. DAILY DOMAINS Search for and register domain names based on the emerging trends in the day's new...

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