27 Jul '15, 8am

How to install our Joomla Console on @GoDaddy #kudos #cli #joomla

Joomla Console is a command-line utility for the Joomla web CMS/application. It provides advanced functionality for powerusers who wish to manage their Joomla site via SSH. These advanced functions include creating new sites in Joomla rapidly, installing extensions, creating symlinks to custom code, version control with git, and many more - all through command line. More information on how to use this utility is available at joomlatools.com, the developer of the CLI utility. This guide will not cover how directly to use the Joomla Console utility, but will cover how to properly install Joomla Console in GoDaddy shared hosting powered by cPanel

Full article: https://www.godaddy.com/help/how-to-install-joomla-consol...


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