06 May '11, 6am

check available domain names instantly! via @rsuog

Check Domains, Instantly! Based on your query, PCNames.com instantly checks whether .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name domain names are available. The domain search results will appear with 2-second delay for your convenience. Your domain search results are not shared with 3-rd parties. However, we keep history of your recent domain searches and favorite domain picks so you can easily follow up on all the important search results. Register Domains with Multiple Extensions When you buy a domain from a registrar you should try to purchase more than one extension or TLD of the same name. For example, if you decide to purchase “example.com” then you should also consider “example.net” and/or “example.org”. Doing this will not only give you more web presence, you'll also relieve a discount from the registrar for all of the domains.

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