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Domain Contest: Social platform for discovering interesting messages (text, images, videos… https://t.co/YvgzClbXkU

Social Platform for Discovering Interesting Messages (text, Images, Videos, Gif) Domain Name Ideas Name Contest by ksw Need a catchy domain name for an online platform where users can discover interesting & funny messages (text messages, images, videos, GIFs, etc) and users can post, like, share, forward, comment, download, etc. Similar sites are 9Gag.com, CheezBurger.com, MemeCenter.com, Tumblr.com, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram Criteria :- (1) Catchy (2) Brandable (2) Single coined word preferred (e.g Zomato, Spotify, Twitter, Pinterest, Zillow) (3) Creative double words welcome (e.g. TinyOwl, CheezBurger) (5) Should not be very similar to any popular sites to avoid trademark issues (6)** Creative modifications of words related to our idea would be great. i.e. modify words such as Forward, Shout, Like, Message, Social, Share, or similar words you can think of from readi...

Full article: http://www.namestation.com/contest/46156534155347



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SingaporePython: #TsunamiHitsSialkot is now tre...

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#TsunamiHitsSialkot is trending at number 1 in Singapore. 49 Minute(s) ago Share this status by embedding this code in you...

5 interesting fintech startups from Singapore

5 interesting fintech startups from Singapore

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(Illustration by Tech in Asia’s Andre Gunawan) The banking and financial services sector is steeped in tradition and proud...


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