31 Jan '16, 10am

Tim Schumacher、4年前に辞めていたのか。 / “Inside Sedo: Co-Founder & Former CEO Tim Schumacher Leaves With a Fascinating Look …” https://t.co/Md69jwWh2b

Though domain pricing is still an arcane process, Sedo's sales platform has evolved considerably over the years. "The first site was very basic," Schumacher recalled. "I actually programmed parts of it myself – the html stuff. Uli (Priesner), the partner who served as CTO , coded the difficult stuff – the data base stuff. Essentially it was only a search platform – and that’s where the name “Sedo” comes from - Search Engine for Domains . Back then we searched GreatDomains (a company Sedo later acquired), we searched Afternic (owned by Register.com back then), we searched tons of other places – most of which aren’t even around anymore - so basically we became an aggregator of all of those other sources so people could search in one place ." "We could make a little money through their affiliate programs but we quickly realized that wasn’t going to let us go any further becau...

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