17 May '11, 5pm

.Tv Domains In The News: Blip.Tv Hits 3 BILLION Views & Bee.Tv Gets Another $1.5 In Funding | The

A couple of .Tv sites are in the news today In a press release , Blip . tv announced it has relaunched its site. Blip.tv also announced today that it has reached more than three billion views to date, making it one of the Internet’s largest independently owned and operated video properties. Blip.tv is now on pace to reach one billion views per quarter. Wow Another .TV was in the news today is Bee.TV which just raised another $1.5 million in funding after receiving $8 Million in funding two years ago . “BeeTV lets people interact with each other while watching the same TV show or movie, and get more information straight from the same app (think news, gossip, fan pages and so on). The app also lets users rate and get personalized recommendations for TV shows.”

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.Co Scores Another Big Win With Amazon.com

domainnamewire.com 18 May '11, 2am

.Co Scores Another Big Win With Amazon.com “Cooking Games” in Spanish Sells for $90,000 on Sedo Peruvian Broadcaster Loses...