20 May '11, 4am

Bills.org sells for $70,000 (DomainNews.com)

Friday, 20 May 2011 03:10 Domain News Tweet Share Bills.org domain name has recently been sold through the Sedo domain name marketplace for $70,000 .This was a nice sale both for the seller and the buyer. Even though the domain name is still pending transfer in Sedo escrow,it seems that the seller is Lonnie Borck . Another nice domain name sold these days by Sedo was Humidifiers.com for $50,000 .According to the whois records,Blue Ridge Net Publishing,Inc is the seller and Eric Borgos is buyer . Ese.com was also sold for a nice sum, $85,000 . Other interesting domain name sales include : grainedecannabis.com 2,200 USD cheat-lexikon.de 5,000 EUR africaweather.com 1,400 USD gärtnerei.de 11,781 EUR holland.co 9,000 EUR btbt.com 1,350 USD storyboard.de 8,000 EUR holland.co 9,000 EUR groucho.com 2,550 USD fbk.net 5,555 USD financeplus.com 5,000 USD You can find more details here .

Full article: http://www.domainnews.com/en/billsorg-sells-for-70000.html


Bills.org tops Sedo's weekly sales list: Bills....

domainnews.com 25 May '11, 5am

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Sedo sells Ese.com for $85,000

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