22 Oct '12, 2am

What Keyword Phrase Has A CPC Of $251.24?

What Keyword Phrase Has A CPC Of $251.24?

I was reading an article today on TechCrunch that referenced SpyFu’s list of keywords with the highest CPC. At the top of the list is the mother of all expensive keyword phrases, Mesothelioma Attorney Seattle at a price of $251.24 per click. That means that if it takes ten clicks to get a customer, an attorney could spend over $2,500 just getting a single customer, which means that the attorney is making some serious money off of these leads. Of course I couldn’t tell you if a customer converts with every click, every ten clicks, or every one-hundred clicks but people have definitely figured it out and good old competition has left this phrase with a CPC of $251.24.

Full article: http://morganlinton.com/what-keyword-phrase-has-a-cpc-of-...


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