29 Nov '12, 5am

Clear Channel Sells To Comedy Central

Happened last year, totally under the radar but now Comedy Central is using CC.com in advertising. What does that say of brands embracing the new TLDs? For example shouldn't they want to take over .CC i.e. DailyShow. cc etc. Just asking... BTW, Did you know that Clear Channel who owns a dominate share of all the billboards and radio stations in America is owned by Romney's Bain Capital and they syndicate Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck etc. Clear Channel Sells CC.com To Comedy Central

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SHINee on Singapore Channel U

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Can Genting SP clear this Down Trend Resistance?

Can Genting SP clear this Down Trend Resistance?

thefinance.sg 30 Nov '12, 8pm

Genting SP has rebounded from the support of about $1.20 and currently testing the down trend resistance line (also 20D SM...