1. 27 May '14, 2pm

    Good Morning

    I am the owner and Administrator of ElliotRodger.org… as what you state MAY be true to SOME extent about the other domain holders it is not true about myself. I agree that most if not all of the others grabbed those domains in hopes of turning a profit. Be it a book/movie deal (doubtful) or advertising revenue (more likely). However my site will not glorify Elliots tragic actions, nor do I have any hopes of profiting from my website or gaining some type of book deal. I created the site in hopes to educate the public on Elliot’s actions, possibly be able to help others identify such warning signs such as his disturbing behavior. I have also been looking for a fundraiser or charity to help the victims families, which any profits my website somehow would make, 100% would go to the victim fund. If such charity does not exist and if my website somehow does make some kind of revenue it will all be donated to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness - Admin ElliotRodger.org

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