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  • [POST] How to make your #blog into a personal outlet & resume - learn from a #pro!

    More Than A Blog: A Personal Outlet & Resume • Domain .ME 15 Dec '14, 3pm

    Being online is easy. You have millions of social networks and outlets where you can register for free. If you want, there are even some that can give you something extra if you pay something extra. But almost since the dawn of the Internet, the best representation of our (inner) selv...

  • Build a Personal Website in Seconds with #BrandME

    Build a Personal Website in Seconds with • Domain .ME 11 Dec '14, 4pm

    These past few weeks we have done our best to show you that managing your personal brand and, by extension, your online presence is a must for anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a professional. Research shows that 94% of recruiters are using or plan to use social media as a rec...

  • I love having my name in bright lights, big blog! Thx @domainMe for recapping our #BrandME panel!

    Personal Branding with .ME at Blogalicious Conference • Domain .ME 02 Dec '14, 2pm

    A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take part in the Blogalicious conference – only the greatest multicultural blogging conference ever. We love Blogalicious because its goal is to grow a tight-knit community that celebrates diversity in the blogosphere and creates opportunitie...

  • [POST] The #ChristmasCountdown has started! Got your presents sorted out or do you need some help?

    The Art Of Giving: Getting The Right Present • Domain .ME 05 Dec '14, 3pm

    Yay, Christmas is coming! Ugh, Christmas is coming. Two polar reactions that you get from the people. Some like to go through history and mention all kind of festivities, some like to donate their time and money to those in need and maybe volunteer in the soup kitchen. Those that are ...

  • Real.Me - Keeping Your Privacy Safe And Sound 12 Dec '14, 2pm

    With the rapid growth of social and career online networking, and the ability to simply Google a name to see what pops up, Real.Me’s powerful technology is your best defence against the spread of inaccurate or harmful information. The concept is straightforward: technology locates and...

  • In a world full of brands, who needs one more? Well, you. via @domainme @edgartells

    Take Control of the Brand Called You: Finding Your Story • Domain .ME 25 Nov '14, 2pm

    “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon In a world full of brands, who needs one more? Well, you. And the brand we’re talking about is, namely, you. The question is no longer whether you want to make a personal brand of yourself. It...

  • How Blogging Is Turning The Corporate World Upside Down • Domain .ME 17 Nov '14, 3pm

    So, how come some corporations don’t recognize bloggers as small business owners? You are a SMB if you are a web developer, a programmer or a photographer. So why not if you’re a blogger? I am not speaking about the laws and the taxes, I am speaking about recognizing a potential busin...

  • Masters Have Spoken: 13 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes 13 Nov '14, 3pm

    During the last few weeks we have explored the importance of personal branding , foundations of personal branding , how social media affects our job search , what tools we can use to take control of our online presence and how to make our resume part of our personal branding efforts ....

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