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  • How Blogging Is Turning The Corporate World Upside Down • Domain .ME 17 Nov '14, 3pm

    So, how come some corporations don’t recognize bloggers as small business owners? You are a SMB if you are a web developer, a programmer or a photographer. So why not if you’re a blogger? I am not speaking about the laws and the taxes, I am speaking about recognizing a potential busin...

  • [POST] Taking Control Of Your Personal Info With @disconnectme

    Taking Control Of Your Personal Info • Domain .ME 19 Nov '14, 3pm

    In the age of oversharing, it is almost sensationally surprising that an ex-Google employee has developed an award-winning, open-source, user-friendly privacy and security software. That is what it is today, but it all started when Brian Kennish created a Chrome extension called Faceb...

  • Masters Have Spoken: 13 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes 13 Nov '14, 3pm

    During the last few weeks we have explored the importance of personal branding , foundations of personal branding , how social media affects our job search , what tools we can use to take control of our online presence and how to make our resume part of our personal branding efforts ....

  • Major downsides of not actively managing your brand #PersonalBranding #BrandME

    Dangers of Not Actively Managing Your Personal Brand 04 Nov '14, 3pm

    We all know about the hardships of the economy we are living, studying and working in. Stories about student debts and unemployment rate are all over the news. But no matter how discouraging they may seem, try not to see them as such. Not at all. They are a challenge! You are a part o...

  • Our friends in @aboutdotme did a great work solving a problem of business cards - with Intro

    Forget About Business Cards, Just Flash About.Me's Intro! • Domain .ME 05 Nov '14, 4pm

    Also, the recipient of your digital business card does not have to have Intro. That is a great advantage over any kind of social network that requires that the both communicating parties have a profile on their network. You can send your contact detail via text message or email. Intro...

  • and Why Pseudonymity is Important • Domain .ME 07 Nov '14, 3pm

    Aaaah, the old days when internet was just a bunch of forums and message boards. Virtual world was such a small space and who would have thought that one day, with a little luck, you could communicate with your favourite author or actor directly? With networks like Facebook, you can r...

  • #PersonalBranding for Begginers: Where to start #BrandME

    Personal Branding for Beginners: Where to Start 06 Nov '14, 4pm

    Personal branding is not a one-time thing and it does not consist of creating a perfect resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile and leaving it at that. Every journey has to start somewhere and before departing, we must know what our starting point is. We must know who we are today so...

  • How To Rationalize Emotion And Create A Brand? • Domain .ME 14 Nov '14, 6pm

    Croatian city of Rijeka is playing host today to the rock’n’roll startup conference RockPaperStartups , and .Me’s own Nataša Đukanović took the stage today to talk about – emotions. Okay, so we skipped a few steps. Let’s get back to the beginning. What Nataša talked about was branding...

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