• How #Bitcoin compares to NASDAQ during the dotcom bubble

    How Bitcoin compares to historical market bubbles

    elementus.io 12 Feb '18, 4am

    These days, as always, the mainstream news is full of Bitcoin is a bubble opinion pieces, argued from the outside looking in. The rationale usually comes down to Bitcoin having no intrinsic value (it does , fiat doesn't) or a contrived interpretation of whatever Bitcoin's price has do...

  • These are the #Bitcoin transactions behind the $31m Tether hack

    Exploring the transactions behind the $31m Tether hack

    elementus.io 23 Nov '17, 12am

    While reading up on the recent $31M Tether hack , we stumbled upon an excellent example of chain analysis posted by Reddit user SpeedflyChris . By following the transaction flows through the Bitcoin and Omni blockchains, the analysis lays out a clear timeline of the events leading up ...

  • Most token sales: 1. USA - 76 2. Singapore - 37 3. UK - 37 4. Russia - 33 5. Switzerland - 32

    Token Sale Geography

    elementus.io 30 Dec '17, 9pm

    From Jan 2014 through Nov 2017, we estimate there have been 437 blockchain projects that have raised at least $100k via token sales. For more on our deep dive into the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, check out our last post, where we size the ICO market at about $6.4 billion being r...