EURid | The Registry for .eu domain names

EURid, the European Registry of Internet Domain Names, manages the .eu top- level Internet domain under contract to the European Commission.


  • The 2nd edition of CAC commentated and categorized .EU decisions is now available - News 23 Feb '17, 9am

    After 4 years and more than 200 new ADR decisions on the .eu TLD, the CAC has recently launched the 2nd Edition of the Overview of CAC Panel Views on Selected Questions of the Alternative Dispute Resolution for .eu Domain Name Disputes . The overview acts as an initial aid and guide t...

  • course on Internet Governance - News 23 Feb '17, 8am

    As the internet has become integrated into our societies and economies, it is no surprise to see a proliferation of case law, and regulation to address perceived problems as they arise. At the same time, revelations of mass surveillance, big data analysis, and the dawn of the Internet...

  • employs the use of Denic Anycast - News 22 Feb '17, 10am

    We use different technologies and methods to guarantee the performance and resilience of our systems, particularly in the case of high demand or an attack. One of these methods is to employ the use of a combination of many servers with the goal of mitigating the overall load on our sy...

  • The Q4 2016 Progress Report is now available! - News 17 Feb '17, 10am

    The Q4 2016 Progress Report measures some interesting findings about the developments of our extensions and our registrar community. Portugal continues to measure positive growth and has been a top growth country for two quarters in a row. We are very pleased to see such positive grow...

  • Discounted Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure remains in 2017 - News 12 Jan '17, 1pm

    The discounted fee for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure at the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC), the institution appointed to manage the Alternative Dispute Resolution process for .eu domain names, will remain in 2017. About ADR People can challenge a .eu or .ею registr...

  • and Europol officially team up to fight cybercrime - News 22 Dec '16, 5pm

    The Hague, 21 December 2016 – EURid, the European registry of Internet domain names, has been making great strides in cleaning up the .eu and .ею domain name space, particularly as of late. Just earlier this month, it was reported that in 2015 alone, EURid suspended 14,710 domain name...

  • .eu: The first decade, claim your copy today! - Notizie 04 Jan '17, 10am

    “This book captures our story and reveals our motivation to create a domain name that’s different than the rest, a powerful symbol of Europe that brings people together through its wide-reach and new-fangled vision for a trustworthy and secure online space. This book will show you tha...

  • Careers 01 Feb '17, 11am

    Our young organisation employs people from all over the world. It is the perfect arena for self-motivated professionals looking to be challenged and stimulated. We have our headquarters in Brussels (Belgium) and regional offices in Pisa (Italy), Prague (the Czech Republic) and Stockho...

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