EURid | The Registry for .eu domain names

EURid, the European Registry of Internet Domain Names, manages the .eu top- level Internet domain under contract to the European Commission.


  • Careers 11 Dec '14, 11am

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  • Our blog @EUPublicAffairs has been shortlisted for .eu Web awards taking place tonight Crossing…

    .eu Web Awards 19 Nov '14, 4pm

    The .eu Awards is an online competition launched with the objective to distinguish and award .eu websites that are leaders in five particular categories. The nature of the website content will determined to which of the five categories the site could be submitted and each submitted we...

    1. .eu Web Awards a success 21 Nov '14, 8am
  • Your .eu domain could make you a winner this Christmas! 18 Nov '14, 2pm

    Brussels, 18 November 2014 - Make sure to try your luck in this year’s .eu Christmas Competition to win one of two unforgettable holiday packages! Register a .eu domain name, use it to enter the competition, and stand a chance of winning one of two luxurious holiday packages for you a...

  • Web Awards finalists 03 Nov '14, 11am

    Brussels, 1 October 2014 - The .eu Web Awards is an online competition launched with the objective to distinguish and award .eu websites that are leaders in five particular categories. The three (3) nominees from each category that received the most nominations during the nomination p...

    1. The 2014 TRAFFIC Awards 03 Nov '14, 3am
  • .eu Web Awards a success 21 Nov '14, 8am

    Brussels, 20 November 2014 - The .eu Awards Ceremony took place last night at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels where 130 guests (including representatives of the nominees and their respective registrars) congregated to see six .eu domain name holders presented with a prestig...

    1. .eu Web Awards 19 Nov '14, 4pm
  • .eu Web Awards 2014: jury and award ceremony date disclosed 05 Sep '14, 11am

    - We are entering into the final phase of the .eu Web Awards 2014 . Once the nomination period has come to a close the most popular websites will be evaluated by a jury of distinguished representatives from various European stakeholders (all of whom have been detailed below): John Wyl...

    1. .eu web awards 04 Sep '14, 2pm
  • FAQ pentru deținătorii potențiali de nume de domeniu | EURid 01 Dec '14, 12pm

    Orice persoană privată, companie sau organizație rezidentă sau domiciliată în Uniunea Europeană sau în Islanda, Liechtenstein sau Norvegia poate înregistra un nume de domeniu .eu. Termenii și Condițiile (pdf) explică cine este eligibil pentru a înregistra un nume de domeniu .eu și obl...

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