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  • Introducing Website 360° Redesign. Save $300

    tiawood.com 17 Jun '15, 6am

    Is your business website not attracting enough customers and leads? It could be time for a redesign. I just made it easy by releasing a Website 360° Redesign package that includes everything you need to get it done at affordable, flat rate fee. It includes a phone consultation, mobile...

  • WordPress Developer Portfolio - TiaWood

    tiawood.com 19 Jun '15, 9pm

    Lead Capture: Monetization Strategy Often Overlooked Thank you Tia, much appreciated. If you have advices about a specific Wordpress/Joomla plugin for lead generation it would be still better for many, I think (and soon or later someone will ask your...

  • My freelance business almost failed this year. It was the best thing that almost happened to me.

    My freelance business almost failed this year. It was the best thing that almost happened to me.

    tiawood.com 29 May '15, 11pm

    The past year has been very challenging for me. It resulted in an almost overall failure of my freelance business and a huge effect on my personal life. The feast/famine cycle is normal with freelancers in general: I have faced project failures before, disappointments, slow business a...

  • It’s Time to Talk About #Entrepreneur Depression

    It's Time to Talk About Entrepreneur Depression

    tiawood.com 15 Jun '15, 4am

    Writing this post is not easy but it’s been bouncing around in my head for awhile because I have been going through it for a few months. I fear being judged or fear opening up like this will back fire but I fear more keeping it in than being misjudged so here goes… According to Inc.co...

  • The Basics: WordPress Settings

    The Basics: WordPress Settings

    tiawood.com 08 Jun '15, 11am

    Most people overlook the default WordPress settings. We are going to cover options that are not obvious and include some tips you may not know about. See the resources links at the bottom of the article for the WordPress Codex that cover all areas. General Settings Site Title/Tagline:...

  • 30 Days to a More User Friendly, Traffic Building WordPress Site

    30 Days to a More User Friendly, Traffic Building WordPress Site

    tiawood.com 06 Jun '15, 12pm

    Learn the methods I use to build WordPress sites that are user friendly, produce traffic and encourage conversions. This is a multi-part post series where I will show you how to improve your WordPress website every day for 30 days starting Monday – June 8th, 2015. We will be taking a ...

  • 5 Reasons Why Your #Business Website is Failing

    5 Reasons Why Your Business Website is Failing

    tiawood.com 12 Jun '15, 3pm

    5 Reasons Why Your Business Website is Failing Reason #1 – Doesn’t Connect With Leads & Prospects It only takes 50 Milliseconds for a lead to form an opinion about your website. If your website is slow or nonfunctional, key information is buried or users simply don’t feel comfortable ...

  • Are You Being Impersonated on Social Networks?

    Are You Being Impersonated on Social Networks?

    tiawood.com 07 Jun '15, 4am

    I just found out that someone set up at least two accounts on Twitter impersonating my name, images and usernames which are a mispell of my official one . I first noticed these two profiles when I searched my domain via Google and came across a site called Veooz, finding a posted twee...


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