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  • Saturday Musings - Working to the MAX!

    Saturday Musings - Working to the MAX!

    whizzbangsblog.com 24 Jun '17, 2am

    Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t do any posts last week. Yes, I’m fine and nothing disastrous has happened in my personal life. I just reached a point of work saturation. Have you ever been working so hard that no matter how fast and how diligent you are your in-tray just ke...

  • Global Online Trends

    Global Online Trends

    whizzbangsblog.com 15 Jun '17, 2am

    I’m a self-confessed data junky. I love my numbers and if they can be plotted on a graph so I can see a trend then so much the better! Domain investors live and die by their numbers. If you ignore looking at the stats then you can miss out on some significant opportunities and take bu...

    1. amir-meshkin.com whois.com 19 Jun '17, 11pm
  • Saturday Musings - Simple Solutions

    Saturday Musings - Simple Solutions

    whizzbangsblog.com 17 Jun '17, 1am

    I’ve just been trying to debug a pretty complex program. One screen displayed the error logs, another the database changes while yet another the actual code. For some stupid reason, nothing appeared in my browser when I run the application……it’s safe to say that I'm pulling my hair ou...

  • Saturday Musings - How do you make decisions?

    whizzbangsblog.com 11 Jun '17, 2am

    In this article, I’m going to make myself a little vulnerable as you read about some of my innermost thoughts. I hope and pray, that you respect this as well as receive some additional insight into what makes Michael Gilmour tick. Ultimately, my goal is to hopefully encourage you to t...

  • The Lure of Social

    The Lure of Social

    whizzbangsblog.com 13 Jun '17, 2am

    Over the last year I’ve been watching my daughter, Sarah, as she embarked on growing her social presence through Instagram. It’s been an up and down journey but since social is vitally important for any online business I thought it would be worthwhile picking the brains of my resident...

  • When Things Really Go Wrong...

    When Things Really Go Wrong...

    whizzbangsblog.com 09 Jun '17, 12am

    I hear ya Michael. Especially when these PCs are how we get our information, communicate with our friends, play our games, and even do business or work from. I was told right in the beginning, don't worry about If your drives will fail because they will, worry about covering yourself ...

  • Saturday Musings - Handling Stress

    Saturday Musings - Handling Stress

    whizzbangsblog.com 03 Jun '17, 6am

    I know of very few people that don’t suffer from stress and fewer still that haven’t been massively stressed at some time during their life. So over the years, what have I learned about handling stress? When I was training for my private pilot's license, my flying instructor explained...

  • Is Rightside on the Wrongside?

    whizzbangsblog.com 25 May '17, 2pm

    I’ve just spent the last couple of hours reading reports and listening to updates on publicly listed company, Rightside, post their sale of Enom. Trawling through all the data has been confusing to say the least with numbers from different sources not seeming to correlate with each ot...


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