31 Aug '17, 11pm

Rob @Epikdotcom: I enjoyed your @DomainSherpa interview. Thanks!

Rob: One of the great things about building websites today is that in the real world affords you a significant amount of free traffic. And if you have content, preferably original content, and you combine that with a category defining, or descriptive or keyword rich domain name, you will get a meaningful amount of free traffic. And you will get free traffic every day. And that free traffic you can now engage in a living laboratory of the website where you now try to convert that visitor into a behavior that makes you money. And that is exactly what it is that we do at Epik. We have developed a methodology which allows us to take a domain name and with relatively little cost turn that domain name into a website that is getting free traffic starting from the go and now you can monetize that traffic. And once you have got the basic traffic that you are monetizing you now can ...

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Search - Money Magazine

Search - Money Magazine

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A physical Satori bitcoin is seen at the Coin Trader bitcoin retail store in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017. St...

Can .Web revive .Wed ? Find out

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