31 Jan '18, 2am

@BrianNull @TLDInvestors story I wrote on FakeNews(.)com a year ago:

I would buy both or buy nothing I guest. As you know, if it is a popular term, every one will have a chance to build a business with that name. FakeNews.com and Fake.News has been registered before they got a trademarks, so who knows if it will be two big companies with the same Brand. Last week I got Nord.Gold, it represents North Pole I think. Cheap alternative for North. And I am planning to make it a site for a campain of North Pole Environment. But I found NordGold.com is a gold company. I just imagine that some one will guest Nord.Gold as a Company Responsibility Program of a gold mining. How if both in a same business? Rival with a same Brand?

Full article: https://www.thedomains.com/2017/01/12/fakenews-com-vs-fak...