29 May '18, 1pm

Standout tools: GoDaddy GoCentral Online Appointment Scheduling

Are you tired of spending hours each week wrangling appointments for your business? Do you want your customers to sign up for classes and events on your website easily? Are you stuck in a mind-numbing communications loop — texts, emails, phone calls, you name it — as you scramble to coordinate appointments with clients and staff members? We hear you. And we’re happy to let you know that there’s an easier way.

Full article: https://www.godaddy.com/garage/standout-tools-godaddy-goc...


Tools to assist your SEO check-up

Tools to assist your SEO check-up

searchenginewatch.com 29 May '18, 7am

Any SEO check-up or audit should evaluate a website’s load speed. There are a number of tools available, all with their pr...

Feature #28827 (New): Appointment scheduling

redmine.org 21 May '18, 12pm

28/05/2018 is non-working day in Armenia. While opening the dates I have noted in admin panel as non-workign day. Our call...