30 Mar '13, 4pm

Ubiquity Servers rogue IP network: #news #domaining #domain

A while ago we faced relentless spam from servers hosted by a company called Ubiquity Hosting . Their support department did nothing to terminate the rogue accounts sending out tens of messages daily. So we blocked those

Full article: http://domaingang.com/short-news/ubiquity-servers-rogue-i...


$2,000 #news #domaining #domain

cax.com 01 Apr '13, 11am

6 years old domain listed by the owner Private seller

@CharmanderF1 I'm just gonna leave this here:

whois.net 31 Mar '13, 2pm

* Verio endeavors to make the domain name availability search process reliable; however, Verio does not guarantee availabi...