26 Nov '13, 8pm

congrats frank, very cool

DomainNameSales.com has brokered the sale of the domain name 88888.com for $245,000 The domain name was owned by Frank Schillings Name Administration. This domain was suppose to be included in the DomainNameSales.com report we posted earlier , but they mistakenly left it out of the report. That would bring up DomainNameSales.com for the week of Nov. 13th to Nov. 26th up to $800K At $245,000 88888.com has to be the largest reported sale of a NNNNN.com domain name and it should be as most buyers of number only .com’s are from the Asian market and in Chinese Culture the number 8 means very good luck (better than 7). The domain is registered to of 88888.com at the moment to ename.com which is a domain broker located in China. 888.com is one of the most successful online gambling sites in the world. Congrats to Frank, DomainNameSales.com and the Buyer.

Full article: http://www.thedomains.com/2013/11/26/frank-schillings-nam...


88888 .com domaini 245,000 $'a satıldı:

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When you first see 88888.com you might think someone has a button stuck on their keyboard, but there is gold in those numb...

Frank The Butcher/BAU x Reebok DMX Run "10|15"

Frank The Butcher/BAU x Reebok DMX Run "10|15"

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– a silhouette not often included in 2013′s massive collaboration series by Reebok – hits us once again in partnership wit...