23 Jan '14, 8pm

reportedly (re)sold for $800,000 to gaming network

“Changyou.com (NASDAQ: CYOU) is a leading developer and operator of online games in China as measured by the popularity of our games [...] We engage in the development, operation and licensing of online games, including MMOGs, which are interactive online games that may be played simultaneously by hundreds of thousands of game players, and web games, which are played over the Internet using a web browser. We also own and operate the 17173.com Website, one of the leading game information portals in China, that has an experienced team with strong expertise in running the Website, building a game community and developing relationships with advertisers in the online game industry.”

Full article: http://domaingang.com/domain-news/wan-com-reportedly-reso...


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marines.com 28 Jan '14, 7pm

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#domaining sold for $820

cax.com 26 Jan '14, 4pm

This domain sold the 1/24/2014 for $820