24 Jan '14, 1pm

Man who sold for $675k tells his story

I was fortunate to be an investor in premium generic domain names in the early days. In January 2001, I was approached by Great Domains (then a Verisign company) with an impressive inventory of available generic domains like Kind.com and Teamwork.com. I purchased Teamwork.com, brokered by Great Domains, from the previous owner for an undisclosed price. There were more twists and turn in the history of Teamwork.com, but I will spare you all the details. I intended to develop Teamwork.com into a team-building website. However, once [Teamwork PM CEO Peter Coppinger] raised his offer to $675k I realized it could be win-win. For Peter, he could advance his business with a world-class, industry-defining dotcom. And I could accelerate development of other key properties. I wish Peter and everyone at the new Teamwork.com great success!

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#domaining sold for $820

cax.com 26 Jan '14, 4pm

This domain sold the 1/24/2014 for $820

and Sold for $750,000

thedomains.com 23 Jan '14, 4pm

@ Brad. Dont forget the .XXX extension is targeted at a specific , online adult entertainment community and we,as the regi...

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