30 Dec '11, 10pm

Thanks to @NameTalent for teaching @iGoldrush visitors how to acquire #domains in 2011!

Acquiring Domain Names, Part II (Aftermarket) Posted on 12/13/2011 by Michael Law @ iGoldRush The domain name aftermarket may be my favorite place to acquire quality domain names at decent prices. Many outsiders and/or newbies may think, “Is there even such thing as a domain aftermarket?” I can imagine newer domain investors think about buying names from another domainer and assume they won’t get a good deal because hey, [...] Continue reading → Acquiring Domain Names, Part I (Hand Registering Domains) Posted on 10/26/2011 by Michael Law @ iGoldRush This is a four part series on how to acquire domain names from my perspective. In this series, I will talk about how I go about acquiring domain names and the strategies I use. Remember, this is not an all-inclusive guide on every known strategy or industry tool – it is my guide that [...] Continue reading →

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New retirement-hiring law takes effect

New retirement-hiring law takes effect

channelnewsasia.com 31 Dec '11, 10pm

SINGAPORE: Companies appear to be ready for Singapore's new Retirement and Re-employment Act, which takes effect on 1 Jan ...

China May Gather Biological ID Data, Such as Fingerprints, of Foreign Visitors

China May Gather Biological ID Data, Such as Fi...

asiaone.com 28 Dec '11, 7pm

By Zhao Yinan and Zhang Chunyan China Daily/Asia News Network Wednesday, Dec 28, 2011 BEIJING / LONDON - Foreign visitors ...