23 Mar '14, 9pm

PIR Lists Four Reasons Why to Register a .NGO

NGO|.ONG will work exactly the same as .ORG does today, with one important exception: .ORG is an open domain where anyone can register – individuals, not-for-profits, corporations – to engage and promote communities. .NGO will be a closed top-level domain intended to serve only the non- governmental organization (NGO) community. It will be an exclusive domain extension for NGOs looking for immediate recognition online and broader opportunities for public engagement, funding, and partnerships. Organizations that are non-governmental, non-commercial and non-criminal qualify to get a .NGO domain, and there will be a validation process associated with registration to ensure that prospect applicants qualify.

Full article: http://www.thedomains.com/2014/03/23/pir-lists-four-reaso...


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