18 Sep '14, 3pm

Ammar Kubba sells #iceberg & aftermarket domain to the #Igloo Eskimo #domains #ice #ALS #domaining #icann51

“For years I’ve been trying to sell this North Pole iceberg in the aftermarket and it finally materialized, all thanks to the assistance of my good friend Drew Rosener, an expert former fishmonger,” said Ammar Kubba. “The Igloo guys are happy for getting the iceberg, and I am happy for now being able to get another pair of red pants,” added Kubba.

Full article: http://domaingang.com/domain-news/ammar-kubba-sells-icebe...


Domain Broker Acquires

thedomains.com 18 Sep '14, 2pm

Igloo.com Limited, a Domain Brokerage & Consultancy Firm, has acquired the business of Aftermarket.com from Thought Conver...