07 Apr '12, 12pm

Just blogged: States will object to .inc, .llc gTLDs #icann #newgtlds

While we have concerns about the use of these extensions, if ICANN considers approving these extensions, our members respectfully request that they be approved with restrictions that would attempt to protect legitimate businesses and consumers from confusion or fraud. … The members of NASS believe these extension identifiers (.INC, .LLC, .CORP, .LLP) should only be extended to entities that are also legally and appropriately registered with the Secretaries of State, or the equivalent state agency. The entity purchasing a new domain name should be the same entity registered with a Secretary of State or equivalent state agency.

Full article: http://domainincite.com/states-will-object-to-inc-llc-gtlds/


@misteil and as if by the magic of the Internet...

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[Querying whois.domainregistry.ie] [whois.domainregistry.ie] % Rights restricted by copyright; http://iedr.ie/index.php/mn...

But will they be running (off) on Dunkin’? #usmc

But will they be running (off) on Dunkin’? #usmc

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But will they be running (off) on Dunkin’? April 6th, 2012 | Camp Pendleton Food Pop culture | Posted by Gidget Fuentes Tw...