31 Mar '11, 6pm

@petershankman We have a sale for transferring domains and donating to Heifer Intl.

We want to offer all the disgruntled GoDaddy customers out there a special offer this week. In the video, one of the reasons for killing the elephant listed is that supposedly it provided necessary food for African villagers. However, it’s not necessary to kill elephants to feed those in need. Instead, we want to donate to Heifer International and their programs to feed hungry families in Africa when you transfer to Domain.com

Full article: http://www.domain.com/blog/domaincom/transfer-to-domain-c...


  1. 01 Apr '11, 1am

    Haha. Seems like everyone is trying to profit off the outrage after GoDaddy CEO goes big game hunting in Zimbabwe and posts the video online: "The video in question depicts the hunting and shooting of a “problem elephant” in Zimbabwe, followed by images of local villagers sporting orange Go Daddy hats tearing the animal apart – all to the tune of AC/DC’s “Hells Bells”."

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$4.99 transfers - $1 goes to @ste_kenya - coupo...

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thedomains.com 31 Mar '11, 8pm

I wanna see that ” name jet” contributed some how to the ” SaveTheElephants” before all this commotion ,if they where so “...