16 Mar '15, 3pm

Crowdsourcing and Domains with Ryan Noble – DNW Podcast #24

Ryan Noble has built a big business on Crowdsource.com . In this episode, he’ll explain how his company helps big brands tap into large pools of remote workers to complete big projects. He also discusses how the company uses great domains like Write.com and Transcribe.com to drive business. Ryan also explains the fascinating way he uses crowdsourcing to discover great domain names to register.

Full article: http://domainnamewire.com/2015/03/16/crowdsourcing-ryan-n...


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Could you survive a .sucks UDRP?

domainincite.com 17 Mar '15, 12pm

Generally, a domain name consisting of a trademark and a negative or pejorative term (such as [trademark]sucks.com) would ...