08 Apr '15, 7pm

Pure Drop sells for $30,470 on DropCatch https://t.co/MiBVJqrpwb

Pure Drop PDM.com sells for $30,470 on DropCatch April 8, 2015 by Raymond Hackney 2 Comments The domain name PDM.com actually dropped and was caught by DropCatch, the domain sold for $30,470. There were 125 bidders and 297 bids. There was a thread on Namepros that started before the auction when it was clear the name would drop, the majority picked DropCatch to catch the name. Some expressed their displeasure of the whole system and specific issues with DropCatch.com. « .Flowers Gets 24K+ Registrations; But Over 98% Are Registered By North Sound Names Nevada Would Like To Regulate Internet Traffic »

Full article: http://www.thedomains.com/2015/04/08/pure-drop-pdm-com-se...


Sex Sells Sex Cells XD

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