26 Apr '11, 11am

First speaker at #sobcon rocks ! That is why @philgerb pic is on my post #sobcon11

First speaker at #sobcon rocks ! That is why @philgerb pic is on my post #sobcon11

at the first SOBCon that I attended. Walking with Lorelle Van Fossen and Katie Paine through countless Chicago streets in search of Thai food. Meeting Business Success Guru David Bullock as a social media newbie (we interviewed him on this blog ). Taking pictures of Chris Garrett and of course adding 100-150 friends were all highlight of attending SOBCon. I am looking forward to meeting old friends Becky McCray, Sheila Scarborough, Carol Roth, Beth Rosen, Estrella Rosenberg, Barry Moltz, Joel Libava, Zana Weist, and many others who are not listed here but nevertheless dear to my heart.

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