29 Apr '11, 3am

#HowTo get great Twitter usernames like @Beer & others: HT @BlakeC

#HowTo get great Twitter usernames like @Beer & others: HT @BlakeC

It has also has garnered press coverage from some of the biggest news sites and technology blogs including ReadWriteWeb , Twit.tv , and Wired which had this to say about the company’s beginnings: “Luke Woodward, was frustrated finding the right name for his upcoming startup, finding that “the names I want are created by people who haven’t tweeted since 2007, if at all.” Discovering that Twitter was going to begin releasing inactive accounts by simply making them available to register, he had the idea to start a service that would check Twitter on a regular basis for the names he wanted — and then decided to make the service available to others as well.

Full article: http://fusible.com/2011/04/dropcatching-twitter-usernames...


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