30 Apr '11, 6pm

Google Buys Plus.me

Google bolsters +1 domain name coverage with .me purchases. Google has purchased the domain name Plus.me, updated whois records show. The domain name was apparently purchased in November of last year, but remained under whois privacy protection until today. The purchase appears to be related to Google’s +1 tool (pronounced “plus one”), as the company also purchase plusone.me at the same time. Plus.me now has Google nameservers but does not yet resolve. The sales to Google were certainly a welcome surprise for the sellers, who could not possibly have predicted that Google would launch a service with a name matching their domains. Related posts: Microsoft Buys Kinect.com Domain Name Toys.com Loses Google Ranking MSNBC Buys BreakingNews.com to Complement Twitter Handle

Full article: http://domainnamewire.com/2011/04/30/google-buys-plus-me/


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