26 Feb '16, 1pm

RolePlayer.Me Lets You and 80,000 Users Live out Their Fantasies! Woah!

The lack of limits is probably the biggest reason for the success of role­play not just in its tabletop version, but also its digital versions. We are all familiar with the phenomenon of Second Life , where people create entire different lives inside of a video game just to role­play a particular fantasy they can’t (or don’t want to) live in real life. Also, there is an abundance of massive multiplayer online role playing games where you take control of a character and venture into the world. That is precisely why Roleplayer.Me wants to give you an opportunity to experience the “real” kind of role­play , without the fancy graphics and powered only by your imagination, and the imagination of your friends and group members.

Full article: http://domain.me/roleplayer-me-roleplaying/


A Beginner's Guide to #GoogleAnalytics Users Flow

A Beginner's Guide to #GoogleAnalytics Users Flow

techwyse.com 26 Feb '16, 11pm

A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics Users Flow This blog is intended for users who are new to Google Analytics and want...

Maxis Introduces Overseas Plan for Postpaid Users to Enhance Their Roaming

Maxis Introduces Overseas Plan for Postpaid Use...

amanz.net 26 Feb '16, 5am

It is a well-known fact that Maxis is infamous for its high-priced billings and strangely expensive roaming fees. To deal ...

JUST IN: #Singtel users report seeing other users’ personal details on app https://t.co/cKspDdbybU

JUST IN: #Singtel users report seeing other use...

todayonline.com 29 Feb '16, 4pm

SINGAPORE — Several Singtel users on Monday (Feb 29) reported that they could see the personal details of other customers ...