30 May '11, 10am

YouPorn.com wants to buy Charlie Sheen's mansion

A major porn company,YouPorn.com has put in an offer of $4,5 million to buy Charlie Sheen's mansion in Hollywood . According to TMZ.com ,the company wants to buy the mansion for $4,5 million in cash ,even though Sheen's listing price is $7.2 million. If Sheen accepts the deal,YouPorn.com will allow him to hang out at the porno compound as much as he will want.Moreover,the porn company wants to move several porn stars in Sheen's mansion . YouPorn.com was acquired earlier this year by a Canadian company .YouPorn.com is one of the most visited websites in the world .

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  1. 21 Feb '14, 3pm

    If they did buy his house he would probably stipluate in the contract he would like to live there with some of the models for at least a year.

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