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ArtisAgLikaVmcom Artis Ag Lika Vm

<strong>Registration Service Provided By: </strong>Registration Service Provided By: WWW.ISIMTESCIL.NET Contact: +90.2163299393 <br> <strong>Domain Adi: ARTISAGLIKAVM.COM </strong> <strong>Bitis Tarihi: </strong>04-Jun-2011 <strong>Kaydedilme Tarihi: </strong> 04-Jun-2010 <strong>Domain Durumu: </strong> RENEWAL HOLD Note: This Domain Name has expired. In this status the domain name is inactive. This domain name will be activated once it is renewed. The Owner of this domain name can renew this domain name from their control panel. If this domain name is not renewed by 14-Jul-2011, it will be permanently deleted. <br> <strong>DNS Sunucular: </strong><br> ns1.isimtescil.net ns2.isimtescil.net <br> <strong>Kaydedicinin Iletisim Bilgileri </strong><br> PrivacyProtect.org Domain Admin ( ) ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Privacyprotect.org Nobby Beach...

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