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Melisandre’s secret beauty potion: #HowTo build a #brand that lasts forever? https://t.co/t0ctbkYOw9

for gathering primary information can be a bit tricky. Still, if you do your magic right (pun intended), it shouldn’t be too difficult. Guided questions can sometimes seem insulting to the people tested. After all, why would you ask them something if you already expect what their answers should be? When you ask a multiple choice question, use a bit of creativity to make every answer seem valid. Forming a question like “Would you use a device that will make your life easier?” can make any answer other than yes quite improbable. Unfortunately, a lot of affirmative answers to this kind of questions don’t give you any real insight. Alternatively, it is always a good idea to put a blank space, where the testees will be able to write down their own ideas. This way, you will know for sure that the test wasn’t leading them on. Some other things you need to watch out for are:

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Hint: It has to do with your handbag:

Hint: It has to do with your handbag:

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Recently, I went for a haircut. I was expecting a routine trim, maybe a scolding for going so long between appointments. B...