10 Jun '11, 5pm

Battle of the TLDs – .NET vs .ORG

We all know that .COM is king, I don’t think there’s a person out there who would disagree, however when it comes to .NET and .ORG it really seems like there is a strong divide in opinions. When I recently attended Startup Lessons Learned in Santa Monica I asked a few people their opinions on .NET and .ORG as entrepreneurs starting businesses. The general feedback I got was: “When I see a .NET I think that the person couldn’t afford the .COM, they had to go for their second choice and it definitely hurts their brand and makes them look less professional.” “Isn’t .ORG for non-profit organizations?” The people I spoke to definitely felt strongly that when you launched a startup having it on a .COM was important although not always possible. What was interesting to see is that there was some negative sentiments for .NET and for .ORG there was the honest feelings that this was...

Full article: http://morganlinton.com/battle-of-the-tlds-net-vs-org/


pls -heres a comparison on @MilkADeal vs@GroupONmy vs @HahahDeals vs @WeBUYNow vs @SuperDeals_my

pls -heres a comparison on @MilkADeal [email protected]

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. I like the way they split out the deals under different categories, making it easy to identify what to buy, what to get ...