16 Sep '16, 5pm

Our friends @namedotcom are bringing together #ONA16 and #DENStartupWeek tonight:

Name.com and Open Media Foundation are teaming up for a hackathon to help journalists tell the stories that matter. In a time when news outlets must resort to sensationalism to stay profitable, the integrity of news as we know it comes into question. Hackthe.News brings developers and journalists together to create ways that reporters and news outlets can share important stories while maintaining their business's sustainability. How it works Hackers have the opportunity to compete in one of two tiers: 2-hour hack projects : In true Hack the Dot style, you’ll show up, be put on a team, and have just two hours to develop a project that could one day be fully developed into something that could help journalists report news sustainably. Sign up here Existing projects : If you’ve created or want to create an app, program, or project that can help journalists tell the stories th...

Full article: https://www.name.com/hackthedot/hackthenews


Where to Meet Mom Friends

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The Inspiration Of Friends

The Inspiration Of Friends

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