22 Sep '16, 10am

Wrap Up

I’m on my way home…..yeah! Yes, DomainFest.Asia is finished and I’m writing this from the Qantas Club at Hong Kong airport. I’ve just finished a call to my ParkLogic business partner updating him on what a great event it was. The next call is to my very patient and wonderful wife who puts up with my travels….. This is my second time to Asia for DomainFest and once again I’ve found that it has been eminently worthwhile. With each repeat visit I can see the Chinese market beginning to blossom into a land of opportunity as the newly formed relationships grow stronger with each meeting. In fact, I half joked with one western domain investor that I should go and learn Mandarin! English may be the language of business but it’s clear that Mandarin is definitely the language of future opportunity. It was so frustrating going through an interpreter for a number of my discussions th...

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WRAP: All hail the world champions:

WRAP: All hail the world champions:

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Food curfew lifted and Eisenhower Trophy front and centre, the Australian team sat together but alone in a room at the May...


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Thanks to the new signatories who have signed since its March launch, Courtauld 2025 now includes food & drink businesses ...