24 Sep '16, 2pm

Rick Schwartz Flashback 2000: "I have cash money for a GREAT kill" ... and... The Opposite Plague Affecting Millions…https://t.co/minZBNWf3O

HP’s DRM sabotages off-brand printer ink cartridges with self-destruct date; New Yorkers Are More Afraid of Roaches Than ISIS; Shark Tank Worthy: Portable Pizza Pouch Let's You Carry A Spare Slice Anywhere; Ten Steps To Take When Layoffs Are Coming; Six companies are about to merge into the biggest farm-business oligopoly in history; No batteries, no problem: Powering our gadgets with fuel cell technology; It’s During Bad Times That You Can Tell if Someone is Any Good and .. Amazon, Intel Invest in Gesture-Control Startup Thalmic Labs

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